Webinar – Phosphorus in Soil and Water: Important Concepts and Emerging Questions

Presenter: Dr. Eric Roy, University of Vermont (2/12/2019)
Hosted by: Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, the Composting Association of Vermont, and the Lake Champlain Sea Grant Institute

Update your understanding of how phosphorus interacts with soil, water, and the various best management practices being employed today. We begin with a look at the chemistry of phosphorus and how it changes based on surrounding physical and biological conditions. For example, what’s the difference between total, dissolved and particulate phosphorus, and why does this matter? How do soil characteristics affect the storage, leaching and movement of this nutrient in the watershed? What about compost and the role of healthy soil?

We then explore broader topics like a region’s phosphorus budget over the long term. How can we better store imported phosphorus, and what questions do we have about the long-term effectiveness of various strategies we rely upon? What are the prospects for exporting phosphorus?

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