2015 Presentations

VORS: Cultivating Value from Food Scraps
Thursday, April 2, 2015
Vermont Technical College, Randolph, Vermont


Annual State of Organics Update, Cathy Jamieson, Agency of Natural Resources (PDF, 3 MB)

Diverting and Managing Food Scraps, Josh Kelly, Agency of Natural Resources (PDF, 10 MB)

Composting on a Two Acre Farm: Pros & Cons, Ned Foley (PDF, 4 MB)

Asian Invasive Earth Worms: New Invaders, Professor Josef Gorres, (PDF)

Capturing Heat Energy from Composting, Brian Jerose, Agrilab Technologies (PDF, 29 MB)

Compostable Plastics: The Green Mountain Compost Experience, Dan Goossen and Jenn Baer (PDF, 20 MB)

BPI Compostable Plastics: What they are, Why they matter, David S. Brooks, Biodegradable Products Institute (PDF, 1 MB)

On-Site Composting Processes for Small Spaces, Jack Fellman, Greener Chemistry Associates (PDF)

Aerobic In-Vessel Rotary Drum Technology, Nicholas Smith-Sebasto (PDF, 1 MB)

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