2013 Presentations

Managing Organics as a Resource:
Vermont Takes Up the Challenge
March 28, 2013
Randolph Center, Vermont


Keynote: Vermont Choices, Sally Brown, Ph.D. (pdf, 36 MB)

Annual State Update ACT 148, Cathy Jamieson, ANR, (pdf, 1 MB)


, Josef Gorres, Ph.D
(pdf, 10 MB)

Brattleboro Curbside Compost Collection, Moss Kahler, Peter Gaskill (pdf, 17 MB)

Collection at GROW Compost, Lisa Ranson, Scott Baughman (pdf, 52 MB)

UVM Office Collection, Erica Spiegel, Jens Pharr (pdf, 1 MB)

Drop-Off Collection, Amy McVey (pdf, 3 MB)

Compost Quality, Tom Moreau, Dan Goossen (pdf, 13MB)

Compost and Thermal Energy, Brian Jerose, James McSweeney (pdf, 24 MB)

Diverting Organics at Schools, Gwen Lyons (pdf, 10 MB)

Compost and Climate Change – Workshop Questions, Sally Brown, Ph.D. (pdf, 1 MB)

Composting at City Market & Onion River Coop, Brent Demers (pdf, 6 MB)

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