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Horse and Livestock Owners

 Persistent Herbicide Information for Vermont Horse and Livestock Owners

Horse Owners Guide to Composting – Otter Creek NRCS, 2002

Persistent Herbicides and Compost

US Composting Council Postion on Persistent Herbicides

US Composting Council FAQ’s on Persistent Herbicides

UVM Extention: Using Compost in the Garden – It is still a good idea!

CSWD Compost & Persistent Herbicides Fact Sheet

Compost End Use/Utilization

Using Composts to Improve Turf Performance

Regulatory Issues

State of Vermont Universal Recycling Page (Act 148)

Overview of Stormwater Permitting Requirements Related to Composting Facilities VT – DEC Stormwater Management Program,  May 2008

Erosion Control Compost Use, Demonstration Project on Vermont Route 15

Accepted Agricultural Practice Regulations

Composting and Economic Development

 Composting Supports Jobs and Healthy Watersheds, Say Institue for Local Self-Reliance Reports

 CAV Market Development Study, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Compost Quality Standards and Guidelines, William F. Brinton, Ph.D., Woods End Research Laboratory, December 2000

The Compost White Paper, University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, October 2003

EPA Decisionmaker’s Guide to Solid Waste Management, Composting

Environmental Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms

Realising The Value of Organic Waste, WRAP Organics Market Situation Report,  April 2008

Comparison of Compost Standards within the EU, North American and Australasia, WRAP, June 2002

Invasive Earth Worms

Not all worms are beneficial! Learn more about real concerns nationwide about “invasive species” of earth worms.

Invasive Earthworms in Vermont

Great Lakes Worm Watch

Brochure: The ABC’s of Composting with Earth Worms Safely, Great Lakes Worm Watch


Composting Toilets and Humanure Composting

Resources list coming soon.

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