Community Food Scrap Composting Resources

The following community food scrap composting resources were compiled by the Composting Association of Vermont, the Northeast Recycling Council and the Vermont Community Garden Network.

If you have any resources you’d like to add, or templates and examples to share, please contact Natasha at

Webinar: Getting Started with Community Food Scrap Composting (26 July 2017)

Training PDFs:


This is a collection of Community Composting Manuals and How-To’s that cover “soup to nuts” for starting a community compost site.


These resources address determining what system(s) is best for your site, sizing, capacity, and some schematics for building a bin system.


These resources include recipe development, when and how to monitor your compost, hot v. cold composting, trouble shooting and more.

Community Engagement

These are the “people” resources, including defining roles, volunteer engagement and management, good neighbor tips, etc.


Here are some templates for log sheets, announcements, signs, etc.

Examples of Signage

We all know how important signage is – for public awareness, feedstock contributors, volunteers, and others. This is a collection of examples of signs used at community composting sites.


This is a collection of resources that we thought might be of interest, but don’t fall into one of the categories above.

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