Post-Flood Crop Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance For Farmers to Manage Flood-Damaged Crops with Composting

The Composting Association of Vermont (CAV) is offering Technical Assistance for farmers dealing with flood-damaged crops. Assistance can be provided by phone or in person depending on need. It is available for any aspect of managing a compost pile that is made up largely of flood-damaged crops. Issues that technical support is available for include: siting, feedstock recipe development, pile management, odor control, and general troubleshooting.

Farmers can control the crop decomposition process to destroy pathogens and contaminants by removing excess crop residue from fields to a nearby site for composting. When the process is complete, the finished product can return beneficial, composted organic matter to crop fields.

This program is supported by a one-time grant from Concept 2 in Morrisville, Vermont. Technical Assistance for composting flood-damaged crops is free and is provided on a first come, first served basis. To request assistance, please contact Pat Sagui, CAV Director by phone or email:, 802-744-2345. Please provide your name, farm location, phone number(s) and email address if you have one.

Download our resource: Composting: A Post-Flood Crop Management Alternative

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