“Legal Compost” Project

legal-compost-mtg2008 (16)

In 2008, the Composting Association of Vermont launched the Legal Compost project. This year-long stakeholder process included three day-long sessions to address permitting issues that had emerged over the previous decade as large scale composting and the use of compost had increased.  The stakeholder process, involving dozens of participants and multiple state agencies, set out to review current regulations for siting composting facilities to develop recommendations for new permitting rules. The process of Legal Compost resulted in the successful promulgation of a new regulatory structure for composting in Vermont. The entire work of Legal Compost can be found here in the final report.

Final “Legal Compost” Stakeholder Report with Appendices 

Regulatory Options for Composting Operations in Vermont, by Ben D’Antonio, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, Vermont Law School, April 2008


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