Our Policy Work

montpelierCAV works on policy initiatives that advance composting and promote expansion of compost markets in Vermont. Composting links soil health, water quality, food security, agriculture and energy issues, and CAV has been successful in bringing together stakeholders to connect composting to environmental issues Vermonters care about.

CAV’s policy work includes:

  •  In 2008, CAV led Legal Compost Project- series of stakeholder workshops
  •  Participated in the State-legislated Compost Study Committee
  •  Participated in and wrote text for the Farm to Plate 10 Year Strategic Plan
  •  Partnered with Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (VSJF) to develop a Market  Development plan for Vermont produced compost
  •  During the 2014 legislative session, CAV coordinated stakeholders to pass  legislation that exempts bulk sales of compost and planting mixes from state  sales tax
  •  CAV Director chairs the Farm to Plate Food Cycle Coalition task force with  representatives from 15 statewide organizations
  • CAV Director, leadership, and other CAV members are active in the state-wide efforts of Vermont Organics Partnership and the Compost Working Group
  • CAV  co-hosts the annual Vermont Organics Recycling Summit with the Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation


Legislation affecting composting and organics recycling in Vermont

Act 141 – Composting Regulations

Act 141 – Permitting Tiers for Compost Facility Siting

H.145 passed in both Houses

Act 130 Compost Committee Final Report

Act 148 – Universal Recycling Bill

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