For Facility Operators

These resources are related to site permitting and management for composting facilities in Vermont:

Overview of Vermont Stormwater Permitting Requirements Related to Composting Facilities

Directory of State-Certified Compost Facilities in Vermont

Site Permitting Regulatory Tiers  (will help you determine whether Act 250 permit is required)

State Compost Certification Levels (to help determine whether Agency of Natural Resources solid waste permit is required

Permit and Licensing Information  (to help with details of obtaining solid waste permit composting certification permit)

Agency of Natural Resources Permitting Requirements and Links

Environmental Predictive Model for Locating Precontact Archeological Sites  (from the Vermont Division of Historic Preservation)

Solvita Test Kits  (to test the quality of your end product)

UVM Agricultural & Soil Testing Lab (For Manure Analysis and Compost Testing)

U.S. Composting Council Equipment Directory


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