About Us

CAV-LOGOThe Composting Association of Vermont (CAV) was founded in 2002 with the support of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and the Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation Waste Management Division (ANR/DEC) with the purpose and vision to build a thriving composting sector in Vermont. CAV promotes the production and use of compost as a vital link between soil health and sustainable agriculture and communities. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit we rely on a cooperative, stakeholder driven approach in our work.

Pat Sagui, CAV Director since 2007, represents CAV in policy initiatives, and coordinates with partners for outreach and education projects. Pat has provided program management, development and marketing services for more than 20 years, primarily under contract to Vermont non-profit organizations. She is a graduate of the Woodbury Mediation Program, author of a nationally distributed landscaping how-to book, and from 1978-88 was part of a family owned/operated horticulture nursery business. Hear more from Pat and her role as Chair of the Food Cycle Coalition in this 2013 episode of Zero Waste Central on ORCA Media Television.

CAV members provide hundreds of hours in-kind each year, contributing policy, planning, site management, product quality and composting expertise, in addition to decades of experience within the food system and management of organic residuals.

Through strategic relationships with many other stakeholder groups, CAV is expanding the composting network, markets for end uses of compost, and a knowledge base about composting within the state of Vermont. CAV conducts projects and advocacy on emerging trends, issues and technology.

Stakeholders groups that CAV has worked with include:
  • Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
  • Generators of compostable materials
  • Solid Waste Management Districts/Entities
  • Watershed protection entities
  • Compost producers & facility operators
  • Educators and researchers
  • Legislative groups & regulatory agencies
  • UVM Extension
  • UVM Plant and Soil Science Department
  • Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)
  • Farm to Plate
  • Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
  • and many others

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